Today sucks

Rainy day AGAIN!! 

I am hurting ALL OVER today. Every single joint and bodily tissue hurts, and aches. Laying on the couch isn’t what I planned today. This sucks!

Why on earth am I hurting so bad? Lyrica where is your relief? Good thing we’ve got my emotions under control because, if not, I’d be bawling like a baby! 

I just now got up from the couch to go get my camera, in hopes to capture some great photo’s today, and I know the difference in getting up too fast dizzy/head rush feeling and down right dizzy! I got dizzy-again! 

Body: lots of pain and weakness

Mind: blah

Spirit: hopeful

I want to figure out if my pain is just from arthritis or fibromyalgia – and if neither- than WHAT???

I’m weak, very tired, and cannot get comfortable. Curling up into the fetal position doesn’t even work. I wonder if an epsom salt bath will ease some of this pain? It’s worth a try…

I’ll post if it does give some relief… if I don’t post, you’ll know it didn’t and I have no desire to type with the pain in my hands anymore today!

Now, to pull myself off the couch once more will be a challenge.


Well, I never attempted the epsom salt bath. I would have to clean out the tub first, and I absolutely have no back strength to do that today. So I’ve been a couch potatoe. Ugh 

Monday blah

It’s been rainy and cloudy all day long. Not a terrible thing… just kinda makes the day a little gloomy. At one point I felt like crying, but just for a moment. I have felt like I could sleep half the day, and I practically slept till noon! Well, not really but close! It’s just amazing how much rain we’ve had this summer. 

I haven’t walked, well yes I have. A few times a week, Travis and I have walked in the evenings. I don’t really consider those full fledged walking fits though. It’s a stroll kinda pace. Better than nothing though. 

As I’m writing this, the sun is Prato g through the clouds and there’s a constant buzz all around me. I’m enjoying the calm weather while listening to a bumblebee work hard. Every now and then a little hummingbird will come around. 

There is nothing like the sounds of nature, smell of fresh air, and the warmth of the sun on your face. 

-God is good!

I’ve ached today, in my back mainly, but there’s never a day goes by that I am thankful it’s not worse than it is. I’m so blessed. 

Mind: thankful, happy, determined

Body: back pain

Spirit: sunny 😊

What the what

It’s absolutely astonishing to me how the weather plays such a serious role in how I feel. My whole body hurt, joints and all, so bad yesterday. I was on the couch most of the day and even napped for an hour. I also dealt with a head ache, and I’ve noticed lately, a few times, that I have a pain in my eye, but for just a second or two then it goes away.

Today, I find myself feeling abhor towards rain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for this rain because of the constant green we’ve had throughout this summer! It’s just developed a stronghold on me lately. It’s like my body says, “the weather is about to be yuck!” And so it does! It’s a struggle for me right now to even type this post today. Still dealing with pain. Yet here I am, on the couch, doing this through my iPhone. Not sure if it would be any easier with fighting a laptop and the unbalance of my not so flat tummy as a table. Nope. 

School started for Lukas yesterday, (boo!!), and Logan is about to start his junior year at the U of A. Time marches on! Speaking of March-I can’t wait for that month!!!


Body: lots of pain and aching, fatigue and ANNOYANCE

Mind: a little frustrated today, but determined still

Spirit: happy

One Day at a Time

Taking it one day at a time, for sure! Yesterday, I cleaned the house-swept and vacuumed the floors as well as the couch, did laundry, and then later in the evening I rushed to our ladies meeting concerning food to make for future needs. We also discussed many subjects concerning the church building. Lots on the list… My back was really hurting and I felt like I could fall over and just sleep like a fairy princess! Wouldn’t that be nice?- speaking of, I ordered a down feather bed topper that is 4 inches thick. This better cause me to sleep like a princess. We paid a pretty penny for it! We figured we would try something like this before we go and drop a grand for a new mattress. (Fingers crossed)

Today, I’m getting prepared for tonight-“Back to School Splash”. This is the second year we have invited all the teens from church to swim at our neighborhood pool. I plan to make 24 sub sandwiches with all the toppings to go along with it. I really look forward to this, however, I’m feeling quite a bit of the stabbing pains again. I’m already ready for a nap! Oh-also, why on earth do my shoulder pop?? This has been going on for several months. I brought it up to my doctor, and he basically welcomed me to the “age” category of getting older… ugh, whatever! Also, today, I’m experiencing the tingling (like before, a while back) on my lips. So weird, but it’s not extremely terrible, it’s just noticeable-if that makes since?

I think I will lay down and nap a bit to recharge for this afternoon!

Body: pain, numbness and tingling, tired

Mind: concerned

Spirit: determined and fighting

So very thankful!!

Today was the ultrasound! Look at that precious little life!!! I’m so proud!!

All the sudden my “health journal” has become something totally different than originally planned! Obviously my health “odometer” has gone UP! 

This is proof that your “will” on life completely relies on your positive or even negative mentality! You can literally will yourself healthy or sick! Yes, there are many many diseases, cancers, auto-immunity’s – so on and so forth… but choosing to be happy makes such a huge difference!!!

Yes I am experiencing pain today and while I’m writing this I’ve become very tired. However, my happiness over-exceeds all others. 

Mind: happy

Body: fatigue, pain(some stabbing, and lower back pain)

Spirit: determined, positive

Here we go

Today I’m catching up on three days worth. Friday, Saturday and today, Sunday. 

Friday – honestly, I don’t even remember? It’s somewhat of a blur up till about 5:00pm. No, not caused by anything health wise. It’s because I got some beautiful news! I’m going to be a grandmother! Me! I can’t believe it? Putting it lightly, I’ve been on cloud nine since I received such wonderful news. 

Saturday, I got up, made breakfast then got ready and went shopping. I found some great deals. Then I came home and continued my shopping online. That’s where I found some adorable baby goodies. A giant elephant, a floppy bunny and an adorable little Harry Potter reference onesie with leggies and a little hat. I think they will love it!

Today, Sunday, I awoke from a not so good nights sleep. My back is hurting, more than normal. The top left side. It hurts when I take a deep breath. I almost feel it all the way to the front. Bummer. I’ve also felt significantly more than normal, the feeling of hot water down my left leg, about knee left side down. So strange?

It’s hard sometimes, when you know there are those who really truly don’t understand what your going through nor do they fully believe you. Especially if you try to look your best. On the other hand, if you looked the way your truly feeling most days, then you have the accusations of wanting sympathy and attention. I can’t blame them, because I used to be that person, too. So I hold no grudge whatsoever…

Pain: 8/10

Body: pain, tired

Mind: positive

Spirit: flying high!!

Warmth of sun


I literally can’t get enough of the warmth from the sun. I know it’s not healthy to stay in the sun for long amounts of time, but I literally can’t resist how it makes me feel. 

When I’m cold, which is most all of the time, all I want to do is curl up in a ball, in my jammies under a blanket on the couch. What kind of life is that? 😬 (Kinda my favorite thing to do) So, it’s so nice to be warmed by the sun. That’s why I so dread winter. Cold also makes me hurt. 

So tired, oh I’m so tired. What have I done today? Not much. Cooked. Made the bed. Warmed up in the sun by the pool. Now, I’m so tired. 

Body: tired, pain 6/10, 

Mind: unsure today

Spirit: positive 

Walked: 10 mins

What am I gonna do with myself? I tell Travis to just throw me in the trash and be done with me. He won’t, though. He loves me, flaws and all.

I’m seriously so tired right now so I can’t think. 


Today has been a really good day. 

It began with a nice coffee house visit with a new friend that lives in our neighborhood. Come to find out, she’s a photographer, and I wanted to ask about some ideas and tips she could give me to help improve my photos I share on my blog. She’s really sweet and we have quite a bit in common. I look forward to another visit real soon. 

Later, Lukas and I met Travis for lunch at Whole Foods. Then, finally, I did a little school clothes shopping for Lukas while he stayed home to mow. 

All in all it’s been a pretty good day!

I just wish these annoying pains and feelings of hot/cold water would just go away!

I’m starting to get very tired…

Mind: hopeful and positive, happy

Body: sharp pains in lower back, and hands 

Spirit: uplifted 

Neurological ???

Does house cleaning count as exercise? Yep! In my book it sure does!! I’ve spent most of the day cleaning our house. Floors, kitchen, and laundry. I’ve also made a casserole and these AMAZING London Fog shortbread cookies… amazing! 

Body: pain in lower back,as well as between shoulder blades,  some stabbing pains in hands and arms, hot water feelings

Mind: positive, happy 

Spirit: determined

So, about three weeks ago, I experienced this really strange pain in my lower back that radiated down my legs. It almost paralyzed me for a few seconds. I felt like I couldn’t control walking very well. I slowly was able to stabilize myself and not fall. It was only a few seconds but felt a lot longer. 

I experienced a little of this same pain today. It is such a strange sensation. Kinda scary to be completely honest. 

I’m tired….

Back pain

There’s nothing worse than back pain! Well, except a broken bone, or a tooth ache, or being hospitalized … okay, there’s a whole lot that’s worse than back pain! However, when you deal with back pain, it can make or break your plans for the day.

Today’s forecast calls for rain, all day, and again tomorrow. That’s a wonderful blessing when it’s summer and hot out. Flowers keep blooming, leaves and greenery stays green longer, birds are happy. It’s just a great thing. What’s not great is when you tend to suffer a little more than normal with pain when it’s rainy out. 

Sometimes the rain effects how I feel, yet other times it doesn’t. I’ve heard that it can depend on the barometric pressure. Nevertheless, it’s effecting me today. My neck is very tender and sore as well as my lower back. Cool thing is, today I’ve posted new photography of a hummingbird in my photo blog, as well as a recipe for an easy slow cooker meal in my home life blog. Check, check and check. Staying positive makes life so much easier!

I don’t feel stabbing pains all over – PTL! 

Today has become an “on the couch” for the rest of the day kinda day, though. It started out pretty good. I went to the store and got what I needed for my recipe for the blog. Created our meal for dinner. Now, I’m checked out for the rest of the day. 

Body: tired, pain 8/10, numbness and tingling (left arm), just not feeling well

Mind: accomplished

Spirit: good

*I’ve noticed a lot more stiffness today and popping in my joints


Today: Monday

-Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday all rolled into one…

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t updated/recorded my progress the last several days? I’ve felt pretty good! Is it the Lyrica? Is it the Zoloft? Both combined?  Not sure, but either way I’m thankful! 

I’ve felt like doing more these last few days than in a long time. Still not a lot of energy, though. 

Pain level: 5/10 most days. The lower back pain probably will never go away (without a healing by God). My hands, however, have really been hurting. Gripping things and writing etc is a challenge. Not sure why it seems more prevalent? Is it because other parts of my body (pain related) are getting relief so my hands are more noticeable now? Not quite sure, but hopefully it will go away! 

My neck is still hurting, and I felt more pain in it as well. I don’t feel I have more energy because I still have the “crash” feeling or just “drained” causing me to lay down. 

My left arm still feels the same as far as pain, numbness and the “hot water” feeling is still there. 

I think the majority of my problems right now are caused by the damage and herniated disc in my back and neck, causing all the other symptoms: numbness, tingling, hot water feeling, and pain

I’ve enjoyed giving our master suite a little face lift, lately. Giving it a more “beach” look. It makes me happy! 

Thursday: watered the lawn, flowers and plants. Swept floors, washed and changed bedsheets, and cleaned kitchen. Did a clean sweep and purged several items in the bedroom as well as entry.  

Friday: posted items on Facebook and sold a few pieces. My new blue lamps arrived. Went to the grocery store. Stayed home (favorite thing to do)

Saturday: minimal yard work

Sunday: church, ran errunds, church

Monday: minimal yard work, house cleaning, going to the pool, make dinner

Today, Mind body and spirit–

Mind: positive, happy

Body: hands, lower back and neck pain 

Spirit: thankful, determined

… now that I’m winding down the end of the day, I’m taking inventory on most of my Monday. I was able to do most of my tasks. Yes my back hurt, yes my arms got so tired, and my neck hurt. Yes, I still have pains-but I’m still moving forward. That’s the right directional force to be a part of, in my opinion!

I stumbled upon this survey for those, who deal with chronic illness of some form, who have the best way to describe what “I’m tired” means to them, individually. If your like me and millions of others who deal with this and have such a hard time explaining what you truly mean when you say “I’m tired” …maybe this will help: