Taking it one day at a time, for sure! Yesterday, I cleaned the house-swept and vacuumed the floors as well as the couch, did laundry, and then later in the evening I rushed to our ladies meeting concerning food to make for future needs. We also discussed many subjects concerning the church building. Lots on the list… My back was really hurting and I felt like I could fall over and just sleep like a fairy princess! Wouldn’t that be nice?- speaking of, I ordered a down feather bed topper that is 4 inches thick. This better cause me to sleep like a princess. We paid a pretty penny for it! We figured we would try something like this before we go and drop a grand for a new mattress. (Fingers crossed)

Today, I’m getting prepared for tonight-“Back to School Splash”. This is the second year we have invited all the teens from church to swim at our neighborhood pool. I plan to make 24 sub sandwiches with all the toppings to go along with it. I really look forward to this, however, I’m feeling quite a bit of the stabbing pains again. I’m already ready for a nap! Oh-also, why on earth do my shoulder pop?? This has been going on for several months. I brought it up to my doctor, and he basically welcomed me to the “age” category of getting older… ugh, whatever! Also, today, I’m experiencing the tingling (like before, a while back) on my lips. So weird, but it’s not extremely terrible, it’s just noticeable-if that makes since?

I think I will lay down and nap a bit to recharge for this afternoon!

Body: pain, numbness and tingling, tired

Mind: concerned

Spirit: determined and fighting


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