It’s absolutely astonishing to me how the weather plays such a serious role in how I feel. My whole body hurt, joints and all, so bad yesterday. I was on the couch most of the day and even napped for an hour. I also dealt with a head ache, and I’ve noticed lately, a few times, that I have a pain in my eye, but for just a second or two then it goes away.

Today, I find myself feeling abhor towards rain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for this rain because of the constant green we’ve had throughout this summer! It’s just developed a stronghold on me lately. It’s like my body says, “the weather is about to be yuck!” And so it does! It’s a struggle for me right now to even type this post today. Still dealing with pain. Yet here I am, on the couch, doing this through my iPhone. Not sure if it would be any easier with fighting a laptop and the unbalance of my not so flat tummy as a table. Nope. 

School started for Lukas yesterday, (boo!!), and Logan is about to start his junior year at the U of A. Time marches on! Speaking of March-I can’t wait for that month!!!


Body: lots of pain and aching, fatigue and ANNOYANCE

Mind: a little frustrated today, but determined still

Spirit: happy


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