Today I’m catching up on three days worth. Friday, Saturday and today, Sunday. 

Friday – honestly, I don’t even remember? It’s somewhat of a blur up till about 5:00pm. No, not caused by anything health wise. It’s because I got some beautiful news! I’m going to be a grandmother! Me! I can’t believe it? Putting it lightly, I’ve been on cloud nine since I received such wonderful news. 

Saturday, I got up, made breakfast then got ready and went shopping. I found some great deals. Then I came home and continued my shopping online. That’s where I found some adorable baby goodies. A giant elephant, a floppy bunny and an adorable little Harry Potter reference onesie with leggies and a little hat. I think they will love it!

Today, Sunday, I awoke from a not so good nights sleep. My back is hurting, more than normal. The top left side. It hurts when I take a deep breath. I almost feel it all the way to the front. Bummer. I’ve also felt significantly more than normal, the feeling of hot water down my left leg, about knee left side down. So strange?

It’s hard sometimes, when you know there are those who really truly don’t understand what your going through nor do they fully believe you. Especially if you try to look your best. On the other hand, if you looked the way your truly feeling most days, then you have the accusations of wanting sympathy and attention. I can’t blame them, because I used to be that person, too. So I hold no grudge whatsoever…

Pain: 8/10

Body: pain, tired

Mind: positive

Spirit: flying high!!


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