I literally can’t get enough of the warmth from the sun. I know it’s not healthy to stay in the sun for long amounts of time, but I literally can’t resist how it makes me feel. 

When I’m cold, which is most all of the time, all I want to do is curl up in a ball, in my jammies under a blanket on the couch. What kind of life is that? 😬 (Kinda my favorite thing to do) So, it’s so nice to be warmed by the sun. That’s why I so dread winter. Cold also makes me hurt. 

So tired, oh I’m so tired. What have I done today? Not much. Cooked. Made the bed. Warmed up in the sun by the pool. Now, I’m so tired. 

Body: tired, pain 6/10, 

Mind: unsure today

Spirit: positive 

Walked: 10 mins

What am I gonna do with myself? I tell Travis to just throw me in the trash and be done with me. He won’t, though. He loves me, flaws and all.

I’m seriously so tired right now so I can’t think. 


Today has been a really good day. 

It began with a nice coffee house visit with a new friend that lives in our neighborhood. Come to find out, she’s a photographer, and I wanted to ask about some ideas and tips she could give me to help improve my photos I share on my blog. She’s really sweet and we have quite a bit in common. I look forward to another visit real soon. 

Later, Lukas and I met Travis for lunch at Whole Foods. Then, finally, I did a little school clothes shopping for Lukas while he stayed home to mow. 

All in all it’s been a pretty good day!

I just wish these annoying pains and feelings of hot/cold water would just go away!

I’m starting to get very tired…

Mind: hopeful and positive, happy

Body: sharp pains in lower back, and hands 

Spirit: uplifted 


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