Does house cleaning count as exercise? Yep! In my book it sure does!! I’ve spent most of the day cleaning our house. Floors, kitchen, and laundry. I’ve also made a casserole and these AMAZING London Fog shortbread cookies… amazing! 

Body: pain in lower back,as well as between shoulder blades,  some stabbing pains in hands and arms, hot water feelings

Mind: positive, happy 

Spirit: determined

So, about three weeks ago, I experienced this really strange pain in my lower back that radiated down my legs. It almost paralyzed me for a few seconds. I felt like I couldn’t control walking very well. I slowly was able to stabilize myself and not fall. It was only a few seconds but felt a lot longer. 

I experienced a little of this same pain today. It is such a strange sensation. Kinda scary to be completely honest. 

I’m tired….


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