Today: Monday

-Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday all rolled into one…

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t updated/recorded my progress the last several days? I’ve felt pretty good! Is it the Lyrica? Is it the Zoloft? Both combined?  Not sure, but either way I’m thankful! 

I’ve felt like doing more these last few days than in a long time. Still not a lot of energy, though. 

Pain level: 5/10 most days. The lower back pain probably will never go away (without a healing by God). My hands, however, have really been hurting. Gripping things and writing etc is a challenge. Not sure why it seems more prevalent? Is it because other parts of my body (pain related) are getting relief so my hands are more noticeable now? Not quite sure, but hopefully it will go away! 

My neck is still hurting, and I felt more pain in it as well. I don’t feel I have more energy because I still have the “crash” feeling or just “drained” causing me to lay down. 

My left arm still feels the same as far as pain, numbness and the “hot water” feeling is still there. 

I think the majority of my problems right now are caused by the damage and herniated disc in my back and neck, causing all the other symptoms: numbness, tingling, hot water feeling, and pain

I’ve enjoyed giving our master suite a little face lift, lately. Giving it a more “beach” look. It makes me happy! 

Thursday: watered the lawn, flowers and plants. Swept floors, washed and changed bedsheets, and cleaned kitchen. Did a clean sweep and purged several items in the bedroom as well as entry.  

Friday: posted items on Facebook and sold a few pieces. My new blue lamps arrived. Went to the grocery store. Stayed home (favorite thing to do)

Saturday: minimal yard work

Sunday: church, ran errunds, church

Monday: minimal yard work, house cleaning, going to the pool, make dinner

Today, Mind body and spirit–

Mind: positive, happy

Body: hands, lower back and neck pain 

Spirit: thankful, determined

… now that I’m winding down the end of the day, I’m taking inventory on most of my Monday. I was able to do most of my tasks. Yes my back hurt, yes my arms got so tired, and my neck hurt. Yes, I still have pains-but I’m still moving forward. That’s the right directional force to be a part of, in my opinion!

I stumbled upon this survey for those, who deal with chronic illness of some form, who have the best way to describe what “I’m tired” means to them, individually. If your like me and millions of others who deal with this and have such a hard time explaining what you truly mean when you say “I’m tired” …maybe this will help: 



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