There’s nothing worse than back pain! Well, except a broken bone, or a tooth ache, or being hospitalized … okay, there’s a whole lot that’s worse than back pain! However, when you deal with back pain, it can make or break your plans for the day.

Today’s forecast calls for rain, all day, and again tomorrow. That’s a wonderful blessing when it’s summer and hot out. Flowers keep blooming, leaves and greenery stays green longer, birds are happy. It’s just a great thing. What’s not great is when you tend to suffer a little more than normal with pain when it’s rainy out. 

Sometimes the rain effects how I feel, yet other times it doesn’t. I’ve heard that it can depend on the barometric pressure. Nevertheless, it’s effecting me today. My neck is very tender and sore as well as my lower back. Cool thing is, today I’ve posted new photography of a hummingbird in my photo blog, as well as a recipe for an easy slow cooker meal in my home life blog. Check, check and check. Staying positive makes life so much easier!

I don’t feel stabbing pains all over – PTL! 

Today has become an “on the couch” for the rest of the day kinda day, though. It started out pretty good. I went to the store and got what I needed for my recipe for the blog. Created our meal for dinner. Now, I’m checked out for the rest of the day. 

Body: tired, pain 8/10, numbness and tingling (left arm), just not feeling well

Mind: accomplished

Spirit: good

*I’ve noticed a lot more stiffness today and popping in my joints


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