Yesterday, was another pretty good day. I stayed occupied, although, I achieved a few of the many things on my list. I woke up hurting all over my body. Logan encouraged me to go on my walk, and that’s just what I did. I do feel it helps my mental health probably more than my physical as far as one being a higher benefit over the other.  I did end the day feeling extremely fatigued.

Walked: 25 minutes

Body: tired, some pain over all

Mind: Positive

Soul: uplifted

Today, so far, I’m trying so hard to do some house work. I’ve vacuumed the floors, and cobwebs, dust, etc, and I’ve found myself on the couch because I have zero energy. Its extremely hot outside, so I’m a little afraid to go on my walk for fear of overheating and something bad happening or just putting myself in bed and becoming sick. So, I will slowly do my house hold chores today.

I ended up needing to lay down for a while, and fell asleep for over an hour. I know I needed the rest, so I’m not going to beat myself up for doing so. Still, not a lot of energy today, and I’m experiencing the stabbing pains today in my back and arms. My legs feel like I’m forcing them through a tight space…. weird way to describe how they are feeling, but that’s the best I know how.

Spirit: a little low because of body aches and fatigue

Mind: fighting through the pain-exhusted but determined

Body: stabbing pains in arms, and back. very fatigued

Hopeful for a better tomorrow… Praying!


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