87 degrees outside, and I walked anyway! It’s probably even hotter than what the phone temp reads with the humidity and not to mention the heat bouncing off the cement… whew! Sweat pouring, but I think of it as toxins leaving my body! I want to get rid of any and all yuckies that linger in my body that isn’t supposed to be there or that is attacking my body. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day! I’m already dreading winter. I don’t know why I’m already thinking about that? Maybe because its “Christmas in July” right now on Hallmark. Ha! I love Christmas, and I can’t wait to celebrate- I just DREAD the cold!

Yesterday was a bad day, but today I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my walk, even if it wasn’t for very long!

Walked: 20 mins

Mind: positive, determined

Body: started with lots of pain all over, but I’m loosening up and not experiencing as much of the stabbing pain. Hands still stiff and painful, lower back hurts, numbness and tingling in arms, hands, feet and legs(as always), neck pain(experiencing more today than in a while)

Spirit: Happy

I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and a most of the time I have lemons and or limes in the water as well as a little pink Himalayan salt. It’s a healthier form of “Gatorade” without the harmful dies and sugars, and who knows what else? ┬áNothing taste better to me on a hot day than my special water…

Mind over body–

Its essential to keep your body in check and keep your mind positive when you have chronic pain. You have to take control of what your day will be. Some days you have to listen to your body. If it says rest, rest… if you succeed fighting through the pain and doing exactly what you want to do that day-do it! Stay positive, smile, take deep breaths, and go on a quick walk, even if its only down the drive way and back. Listen to the birds sing, let the sun shine down on your face. Make the best of the worst!

I know that sometimes its easier said than done, because I have “those days”…. just keep in mind that it can’t control your life, don’t let it!

Take your life back-one day at a time!


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