Make sure you’re moving, staying active, exercising!

Have you heard those words yet, as a fibromyalgia victim? Me too, and I do believe there are some benefits to exercising, moving, staying “in motion”. However, when you have other areas of your body that are in pain from staying in motion, its challenging to sweep your floor let alone go on a walk and stay in any kind of motion.


Nope, not one bit! When you have an area in your spine that has suffered damage and causes your sciatica to flare up, and feels like someone is stabbing you in your back, I don’t consider that an excuse.


It drives me nuts when my hands, and feet are numb and tingly, and nothing you do relieves it nor makes it stop. It just goes away on its own. If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about, its the feeling of a rubber band tied around your arm and it loses circulation as well as when you wake up with your hand or your foot “falls asleep”… its that, except it takes hours for it to ‘wake up” … drives me crazy! There are times I drop things and stumble or trip. There are times I just stop what I’m doing and set and read or watch Hallmark channel, because it’s the best. Oh, I love to watch Golden Girls and I love the movies they show. Yes, I’m a sappy individual.  Also, the area between my shoulder blades feels tight and painful most of the time. I was told that is my compensating area because of the scoliosis along with pain in my lower back and neck… so that’s fun..    Setting for long periods of time is challenging as well as standing in one place for more than a few minutes. Walking where there are lots of hills, causing me to arch my back,  makes my lower back hurt really bad!


I feel like I’m just constantly complaining when someone asks me, “how are you feeling today?”, and some of the time I say exactly what I’m dealing with in that moment or that day, and times that I say, “I’m good”. You know, that answer we all give when we really don’t want to go into detail nor bore anyone of what is really going on, and we definitely don’t want to feel that judgmental glare of “your such a complainer”. It’s called “masking the problem”. We want life to be great, we want to pretend there isn’t anything negative going on with us, so we wear it. We want to feel normal, so we wear it. What is normal, can anyone explain that? I don’t think there is such a thing. I think we get into the mindset of what normal is, and that’s being perfect with zero problems. Well, it just doesn’t exist. There is always something that isn’t just perfect in everyone’s lives. If it were perfect, this place we live called earth would instead be called heaven. So, there ya go!


Walked: 25 mins

Mind: still feeling positive, and accomplished

Body: Numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Pain in middle of the back, left leg feels “banded off” like a rubber band is cutting off circulation. Pain in left foot where the swelling and inflammation is on the knuckle of my big toe (arthritis and calcified deposits of which Dr said I possible will end up having surgery to remove it, in my future)

Spirit: Content and happy

I’m a little disappointed that I could only walk for 25 mins today, however, its in the dead of summer and its getting very hot out. Nevertheless, I’ll continue to exercise as much as I can.. I plan to clean the house again today, and I’m hopeful that I will succeed without pain.

This evening we will take dinner over to my parents house and visit them for a few hours. I look forward to seeing them.


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