So, today I started this blog/journal journey to document my days-bad and good, concerning my physical ailments, challenges throughout the day and concerns. 

I started this day feeling really good! I’ve had energy, and the only ache I experienced most of the day was in my hands and lower back. 

Emotionally I have been a 9 out of 10 (10 being fantastic).  However,  the last month or more I’ve been pretty depressed because of the daily pain that I experience along with the changes unfolding before my eyes of my children growing up. Im not getting any younger, and I have really looked at the years that Travis and I have ahead of us. (I plan for us to have many many more years of life together).

 41 years old-that’s how old I am, and oh how that time has flown by! It’s been an avalanche of emotions, nonetheless!

Not only am I on one, but two anti-depressants. I take Gabapentin for fibro, and I’m on an anti-inflammatory for arthritis. 

Back in February, the month of LOVE, Travis and I had a heart screening.  I found out my cholesterol was extremely high. I almost fell out of my chair. I have always been very healthy (not counting the chronic pain) so it came as a shock to me. I’ve always been what I would consider an atheletic individual and fit most of my life. So, the last several years I’ve gone through a lot of emotional roller coasters. 

Lately I’ve really made up my mind to embrace what is part of my life now and turn it into a positive. I don’t want the pains that I deal with to dictate my life every single moment of every single day. I want to be healthy, and happy while not over working my body back into more pain. 

So, I will rate my day on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best day and 1 being worst day… I give it an 8. 

As I unwind here on my soft fluffy couch, I’m really feeling the day catch up with me. I’m extremely tired. So, because of that, I’ll call it a day. 


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